Devotions from Judy’s heart

My dad loved nature and every tree was important to him. At his funeral my brother Paul made reference to when he and my uncle cut down a small tree behind the outhouse and tried to cover up. But dad found out and was disappointed they took down a live tree.  On our last trip in November, when we drove through the thick forests of Blue Ridge Mountains, we saw trees on high ridges that almost seemed to be growing out of the rocks. We wondered how they could grow in places that seemingly had so little soil. They must have a deep root system as they were growing so tall and straight. Someone told me their secret is that they grow very slowly and push their roots down into the crevices between the rocks.  They look for any little place they can find and have been known to even split apart rocks. It’s so important that we sink our roots deep down into the Lord. As we do this the power of the Holy Spirit with in us will cause us to stand against the devil’s schemes and to break through difficult circumstances. As it says in Ephesians  to be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power, to be rooted and established in His love, so that we can stand our ground in the evil days ahead.  So let us grow deeper into Him and stand firm and in His power!