Devotions from Judy’s heart

Yesterday we were all together as family to celebrate Christmas and I passed around a dish of blueberries .. I bought them Tuesday at Sam’s club and had hoped to bring them to dad on Christmas. But he is in a better place and may have all the blueberries he wants now. Blueberries are so tasty and bursting with antioxidants, vit. C  etc. They are so small and yet you put them together and they make a big bowl of scrumptious eating. I think dad’s life was made up many, many acts of kindness and generosity. He loved to give in hidden ways that may seem small, but to the recipient they were big. All of us will remember how he would give each family $20 for gas when we came to visit, missionaries were remembered monthly, ice cream cones for all of us when we went to watch him pitch ball, always paid when we went to a restaurant, gave rides to us and all our friends, etc etc. They add up to a wonderful life of giving to others without expecting in return. I will probably never eat a blueberry without thinking of my dad and with that comes memories of his love and generosity, which has eternal rewards.