Devotions based on Mark Buchanan’s book, Spiritual Rhythm

The first activity of Spring is to wake up, to get loose, and to leap forth. Let the winter’s losses and sorrows break down into something useful and life-giving. Once awakened Spring demands of us to plow, plant and clean. We need to do our part and to break up the hard soil of our hearts and take advantage of God’s renewing work. An unplowed field is a wasted field and we must not miss an opportunity for a crop.  Plowing represents attentive listening to the Lord in order to obey and to bear fruit in season. It is good to have holy habits like prayer and reading the Word.  We also have a role to play in sowing and planting. We need to plant our seed and establish disciplines that help us grow.  Spring is the best season for launching new things!  That may mean a new ministry for us.  And finally we need to clean and air those spaces that have become cluttered and dirty.  This may mean getting rid of the old and the things that clutter our lives.  He can help us distinguish the habitual from the purposeful, busyness from real productiveness, fruitless from the fruitful etc. One way is by a prayer practice called the Examen which is like a personal inventory.  A simple version of questions is to ask yourself at the end of the day, “When was I most alive, most present, most filled and fulfilled today? And when was I most taxed, stressed, distracted and depleted today?”  The examen can help us sort out and discover how to use our time and energy.  So let us go ahead and plow, plant, and clean!