Devotions from Mark Buchanan’s book, Spiritual Rhythm

After we have been through the bleak Winter season, the cold lifts and God changes everything, bringing us into Spring.  Where death has reigned, life triumphs and we live in hope.  It could happen suddenly and we may feel joyful and experience emotional renewal, physical renewal, and moral renewal.  In our new found emotional renewal  we find our confidence in God is restored and our mood is one of cheer. The wounds we took are healed and it seems the Lord vindicates us. As we are renewed physically we may find our energy returns and we can focus with clarity. Often times we may be experience healing of a lingering illness that overflows from our emotional renewal. In spring we may also have a time of moral renewal.  It’s like God gives our hearts and lives a thorough cleaning and takes away bitter roots, areas of compromise etc. In Springtime God renews our spirit and the road that used to be hard and lonely now seems quick and easy.  We find delight in reading the Word, pray with a sense of intimacy, and experience the joy of the Spirit.  More tomorrow…..