Devotions from Judy's heart
In one of the O.T. readings of the Christmas season we have, "Arise, 
shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon 
you." Isaiah 60:1
During Christmas we are reminded that the Light has come. Jesus came as 
the light and the darkness has not overcome the light.   The other night 
Al went for a walk wearing a device on his head that acted as a 
headlight, enabling him to see in the total darkness. Living as we do in 
the North woods, winter can be a time when we are engulfed in total 
darkness by 5 p.m.  He came back excited that he could now take prayer 
walks in the evening as well as during the day since he had plenty of 
light to see. I just read this prayer today from Daily Texts from Mt 
Carmel Ministries and maybe one for us all:  "Father of lights, I'm 
thankful that the light of Christ is stronger than darkness. In my 
weariness I often lose sight of your light. Whenever darkness threatens 
to overshadow me, reach out to me and fill me with your life, light, and 
love. Today keep me awake and aware of the needs of the others who have 
lost the way." We are children of the Light, let us walk in the light 
and share the Light of Christ.