Devotions from Mark McMinn’s book, “Finding Our Way Home”

He speaks of Home as the place we all seek-a place of secure love, known most fully in the embrace of God.

We see home in some relationships, when there is compassion, trust, honesty, with places of deep safety and comfort that reflect God’s goodness.

God created us to hunger for shalom, and to turn around, redirect our steps, and find our way home.

Finding our way home requires courage because it involves turning around, looking back, contemplating both pain and joy, and making connections between past and present.

Looking back is not easy because we all have a mixture of goodness and brokenness, but it leads to greater peace than trying to disregard the past.

As we look back it is a spiritual task as we remember God in all of our life. It is a challenge as we will be called to forgive and to be forgiven.

The call home is also the call to discover our true self that God called each of us to be.
I am gaining much from this book and will share more tomorrow.