Devotions from Judy’s heart
Yesterday we got in on the children’s Christmas program and what a delight. There were readings of scripture as each of the characters in the Christmas story came in. When they had all made their entrance they were quite angelic at first. Before long  one of the angel’s halo began to tilt and soon she was making funny giggly faces and throwing bits of hay in the manger etc. Then I noticed two of the wisemen playfully punching each other. I thought of how we are like those kids as we try so hard to be good, especially when others are watching. But so often our “flesh nature” comes out and we call attention to ourselves, instead of pointing them to the Lord. Or we give someone else a punch by our insensitve words. It is humbling to remember that “there is not one that does good, not even one.” Ps. 14:3 But even when we “act up” and blow it, He offers us His love and forgiveness. How wonderful He continues to delight in us just as we do in those precious children when they act up. Isn’t His grace amazing?
At the close of the program there were prayers and tears for the families of the Newtown tragedy. When we beheld  the innocense of the little S.S. kids, we realized that a similar tragedy could have happen here or any where. God have mercy.