Devotions from Judy’s heart

Dec. 15th was a special day for 2 of my friends who celebrated their birthdays. It is also special as it is the anniversary of my cousin’s adopted son’s “Homecoming”.  Martin’ was born with a so many things wrong with his body and he was given up by his parents. But my cousin and hubby started caring for him, which demanded around the clock time for care giving, but given with heaps of love. It was a witness to all of us of unconditional love. He lived to be 17 years old, far beyond his expected  life span because of the love he received.  They spent much time at the hospital when his body needed emergency care. Their lives changed as it was focused around Martin and all his many needs. They ended up adopting him as he had won over their hearts. They in return, received so much love from him.  He went to glory where he has a new perfect body and can run and laugh and sing for the first time.  Today they are going to Children’s hospital and giving out gifts in Martin’s name. They sacrificed so much for Martin and it caused me to think of all that it cost my Heavenly Father for the sacrifice of His Son for us. We are broken too and we need someone to care for us, save us, and love us unconditionally. Let us make room in our hearts for Him whose birthday we are celebrating at this Christmas time.