Thoughts based on an article by Benner and Moon in Conversations Magazine

God is in the present moment but how do we experience His presence in our moment-by-moment daily life?  We can start our day by asking him to help us discern His presence in the events of our day. And at the close of the day, review and reflect on the events, recognizing His divine presence. He may show up in surprising ways like in the brokenness of our lives, in the world around us etc. We may need to ask for forgiveness for the times we move away from Him but also  give thanks for when we were aware of Him. We can also ask for the grace to be even more open to Him tomorrow. God is at home in the world and in the midst of the affairs of our lives.

 ‘Our job is to allow ourselves to be loved and then to hold others in love and to pass on to them what we have received from God. “