Devotions from Judy’s heart

How easy it is to tell God how we think He should do things according to our own preferences.  Each of us may have in mind what we think is a perfect worship service or the best way to do something. But the problem is not everyone else will agree with us, for they have their own preference.  Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone in church agreed upon the same kind of worship music, or the best way to conduct things?  Just this past weekend in Michigan at the 125th Anniversary of Immanuel church, I was very comfortable with the temperature at the banquet. But I noticed the pastor was not…he was hot and sweating profusely and had to mop his face often. But overnight the weather changed and at the outdoor service the next day, I was very cold and he was comfortable. Even though I had several layers of clothes on, I was freezing and he felt great in his short sleeved cleric shirt. After the service he told me he was sorry as he could tell how cold I was, but it was great weather for him. Isn’t it good that God does things according to His divine purpose and plan and not just the way we want?  As it says in Isaiah 45, it is not up to the clay to question the potter and tell him what to make. Let us be content with how He does things, even when it is not up to our personal preference.