How often does the Lord speak to us and we are not aware. I believe He is speaking to us continually in many ways…through His word but also through people and through circumstances, through nature etc. This morning as I woke up and beheld deer right out the window who looked right back at me for the longest time. I remember back when I was in Brunswick on the prayer trail and asked  the Lord to reveal Himself to me, as I must have been in a dry time. All of a sudden a deer stood in the trail ahead of me and just looked at me for an extended time. Another time I went to the end of the prayer trail to the river and there was an otter. He would pop his head out of the water, look at me, and then splash and carry on like a little kid. I think at that time the Lord was impressing on me to lighten up and take some time to just frolic and enjoy Him. When I was floating on an air mattress the other day, I just noticed the various trees and that many of them were not rounded out but had barren places in them. How much more beautiful they are when they are symmetrical and filled out.  I know there are are places in my life that are not balanced and need healing and filling out too. The signs of His presence are all around us… I believe we miss so much when we are not attentive to what He puts before us.