There are always lessons to be learned in the berry patch and I think the Lord has so much to teach us through all of our mundane activities. I have been going berry picking alone since Linnea has been on vacation and I used that time for prayer. But it was good to have a companion on the journey today as we were meant to have balance. We need to enjoy being alone but also to be in community. Both are essential!  We started picking in a patch that was quite wild where we found a few berries but not like we remembered from last year’s pickings. Isn’t that the way it is… what once was, is not necessarily so now?  We often had to bend low ( humility)  to find some luscious berries and at other times step into thick brush. But was it worth it?  Yes! Just now I was enjoying a delicious raspberry muffin! When we finished picking each of us swam from our side of the lake to meet in the middle to take a swim together. A reward from our work and so often the Lord gives us those R&R times to just rest from our work and enjoy. We saw a mama duck and all her babies swim ahead of us. We noticed the tiniest sunfish at our feet. How neat to enjoy the beauty of what He has made with someone who also appreciates the Creator’s handiwork.