Devotions from Judy’s heart
Have you had the experience of planning out your day and then finding that nothing goes as planned?  Our times are in His hand and scripture is full of verses about time. Jesus said,” My time is not yet.” He was on His Father’s time table and not man’s or his own. When interruptions come into our lives, do we receive them as coming from His hand or do we buck them?  I like to plan my day of things I want to accomplish even before I get up. I did that last Saturday and my plans were changed by 7 am. as I got a long distance call that lasted 2 hours. Then I had another call from a friend asking if she could come over. What I didn’t know was that she was bringing her lovely granddaughter and a delicious 3 layer birthday cake. Then in the afternoon 2 couples came over that we hadn’t planned to see until evening…but instead the afternoon  was just perfect for sitting on the deck and enjoying the sun and breeze while we shared and ate. In the evening another neighbor stopped by with something important for Al and since our company had left he was free to receive. You get the picture, as the Lord perfectly orchestrated the day and had surprises for us all along the way.
What if I had told my friend that I was too busy for her to come over… I would have missed the most delicious cake ever! What things do we miss when we are so caught up on doing what is on our schedules that we miss the wonderful things the Lord has for us. Plans are good but let us hold them loosely so that when He interrupts them, we have openness to receive.