Devotions from Judy’s heart

 Do we always hear what the Lord is saying to us?  I’m sure I miss what He is saying to me far more times than I will ever know.  One day I was in the garden with a friend and we were picking green beans and lettuce etc. She said I could pull up the weeds by the onions and I thought she was telling me to pull up the green bean plants when I was done picking. ( We have already pulled up the spinach etc)  I went over the next day and picked more beans but wondered if I heard her correctly so I called her to double check. And sure enough she said, No, No, they will produce more and are not done for the season yet. I was so glad I checked again as I did not hear her rightly. Sometimes we are not quiet enough to hear the Lord and we take off doing things He has not asked us to do. Other times we may need to check with someone we respect spiritually to see if we are “off the wall” in something we believe the Lord is saying to us. There have actually been gals that have said the Lord told them to divorce their hubby to marry someone else in the Body that was more spiritual etc. You get the picture….we don’t hear 100% of the time and I believe the Lord looks at the intention of our heart, even when we misread Him and take detours. I know I need to be more attentive and take more time to be quiet so I don’t miss what He has to say to me.