Devotions based on Fil Andersons book Breaking the Rules

Jesus encountered religious people who were caught up trying to be the gatekeepers of the truth and wound up being self-righteous rather than genuinely righteous. Some today use religion for their own personal agendas and end up reflecting their own personal prejudices and practices. They presume to know how Jesus would think and do and get disappointed when He doesn’t do it their way.  But He is mysterious and unpredictable. He often turned things upside down.  He shocked people who thought they had God in their pockets.  Instead of a God who they thought was predictable and quick to judge, He showed himself to be unpredictable, gracious and forgiving. He is impossible to control! He breaks all social etiquette in relating to people. He connects with people that others disregard
Some today who claim to be followers of Jesus alienate others by their fundamentalist bullying, never listening but giving their “right views” etc. But none of us are in the position to judge another and know what is in the heart of another.

We live our lives more authentically and confess our faith with greater integrity when we openly confess our uncertainty.  Faith is all about trust not certainty. His thoughts and ways are different than ours. Let’s not presume we know what God would do in every situation for He is divine. May our focus shift from ourselves to God, sensing His grace in our lives.  As we are in intimate union with Him we will know more what to say and what to do in our daily lives..