Dear Ones,
Hope you are enjoying this day. The house is full of aroma as I have been busy in the kitchen this morning. Kurt stopped in for a visit and this afternoon I am taking a couple friends from here to the Mall and Dollar Store. Tonight I have our Women’s Bible Study at church. I would ask for prayers for a Matt, a young father from our former church in D.M who has tested positive for COVID-19. His wife tested negative but they have two very small children and need prayer for entire family that was gathered together on Sunday. Thank you!
Devotions from Judy’s heart
God created us to bring glory to Him and our lives should show evidence of His love by the works we do. We are not saved by doing those good things, but our outward acts should bear witness that we are God’s children. In Eph. 2:10 (God’s Word), it says, “God has made us what we are. He has created us in Christ Jesus to live lives filled with good works that He has prepared for us to do.” Sometimes those works are so perfectly timed by the Lord to fit a present need, that a person may feel like God has sent an angel! I think that is how some people in Iowa feel right now who have been devasted by the Derecho that hit them last week.  So much devastation left behind of downed trees, power failure, crops ruined, homes damaged etc. People were in shock and wondered how they would ever get it cleaned up.  I read how a man from Kalona bought a boat from someone in Cedar Falls a few months ago; he called after the storm to see how the family was doing and they shared about the terrible damage they had incurred. The man said he would be there in the morning and the family had quite a surprise  the next day when a whole crew of over 20 volunteers came in blue outfits from the Christian Aid Ministries with equipment, chainsaws, rakes etc. to help them. They worked hard and helped not only this family but many families to clean it all up and refused any pay.  Some wept and said it was if God sent angels to them. Al and I also remember when we were overwhelmed by the terrible storm that hit us 4 years ago. When we saw a friend and his relatives who were staying at a nearby resort come down our road carrying a cooler and prepared to help us, it was like also  seeing angels. They climbed on the cabin roof to put on a tarp, helped us with down trees and got our generator going etc. God’s timing is so perfect and He wants to use each of us to be His angels of mercy and grace to others. When we think of all that we have received from God, out of gratitude and love let us do good works as the Holy Spirit directs.
Challenge for today: Tell the Lord you are available to be one of His “angels” to help others.
Blessings on your day and prayers and love,