Devotions from Judy’s heart

As you received the picture of us tye-dyeing our shirts, you can see how we put rubber bands in many places throughout the shirts. Then we sprinkled on the dye and let it sit overnight before washing and seeing the beautiful results. I thought of how it is much like our lives when circumstances come that may cause us restrictions and pain… situations of hard learning etc. It is not pleasant and yet necessary for our growth. Then grace (dye) is poured out on us and we wait while God does His work in our hearts and we remain still. But the glorious thing is that when the bands are removed we can see the beautiful pattern of what He was doing all along in our lives. He knows what it takes for each of us and sees the end result. Our part is not to resist His hand on us but cooperate and trust that He knows what He is doing. Notice how different all our shirts are and His work is unique in each of our lives.