Devotions based on book by Fil Anderson “Breaking the Rules”

The author was worn out with religious strivings and rule keeping that left him with guilt when he failed. His religion was characterized by a code of requirements and activities that were deemed necessary to gain good standing with God. He felt like he was God’s biggest disappointment when he failed.  But he traded his life of performance for intimacy with God and is convinced that rules are unnecessary when love guides our hearts. Like Augustine said, “ Love and do what you please.”  Jesus never made rule breaking a worthy goal in and of itself, He made clear the point that the rule keeping is pointless if it’s not an expression of something deeper. The author embraced his brokenness and allowed God’s power to flow and transform his life, which led him in the way to freedom.  As we give up striving to fix ourselves, we find that the cracks in our fragmented lives will become illuminated with the power of God’s love that shines through into the lives of others. Jesus came to call those who knew they were sinners, not those that think they are righteous. As we find the courage to confess our fears and insecurities, we will fall into the depths of God’s love for us. Let us quit trusting in our own ability to live for God, and simply trust in Him instead!