Devotions from Judy’s heart

The other day I went out on the deck to get rid of 3 tomato plants that were given to me. Their leaves looked pitiful but just as I was about to throw them away, I noticed they each had a few small tomatoes on their almost bare branches. What a shock!  And are we also surprised when someone who may not have all the social graces, may be sickly or old, or may seem rather dull, is being used of God and bearing fruit!  I noticed as I was reading today from Luke 1 how Elizabeth bore John the Baptist in old age. And there was Caleb that had the same strength when he was 85 years old that he had when he was 45 and conquered Hebron ( Joshua 14).  God uses the humble, and those dependent on Him to bear fruit for His kingdom. Let us not judge by the outward externals. You don’t have to be dressed in designer clothes  and on a platform to be used of God…you may be in your closet praying and it is having great affect for His kingdom.