Devotions from Mother Teresa/No Greater Love

Holiness is meant for all of us  and the first step to becoming holy is to will it. Holiness consists in carrying out God’s will with joy, it is renouncing our own will, it is running toward Him!  TO become holy we need humility and prayer as we lift our hearts to Him and let His light enlighten us.  As we experience His love it should cause us to spend ourselves for others. Since we can’t see Christ to express our love, we can see our neighbor, and do for him what we would do for Christ. Let us put love into action! He wants to do great things through us if we let Him and don’t try to interfere with Him. “We interfere with God’s plan when we push in someone or something else not suitable for us. People may come with wonderful ideas, with beautiful things, but anything that takes us away from the reality of what we have given to God must remain outside.”  Let us totally rely on our Father with the spontaneous abandonment of little children.

As we are so loved by Him, let us, as an act of gratitude, determine to be holy because He is holy.