Devotions from Judy’s heart

Last night the grandkids had a program for us with interviews, a play etc.  Paige put the spotlight on Lily who was a dog in a fenced in yard and longing to be adopted. But Grant ( only 4 years old) could not bear to NOT be in the spotlight  so he barked and carried on to be noticed. Later on both of them were included and adopted and learned to do tricks but at that moment it was to be Lily’s turn to be in the spotlight. I thought of the Body of Christ and how this is too often the picture behind the scenes. Someone is in the “spotlight” and others try to hedge in too.  Even pastors whose churches are not growing at the moment feel left out of the spotlight by those who are growing by leaps and bounds. Or maybe the Lord is honoring a person for a hidden work they are doing, and others feel they deserve it more etc. You get the picture. But in Romans 12 it says we should not be proud or think more highly of ourselves than we ought. Also  that we are to honor one another above ourselves and rejoice with others. The Lord is the one who turns the “spotlight” on the ones he chooses!  If we are serving Him, it matters not if it is not on us for He sees even in secret. So let us serve him from a heart of love.