Today has been a fun day as we went to the Tower of the Americas in

downtown and then this afternoon to Karate class to see all 3 boys get

their white belts.

Todays devotion is from Gary Thomas’ book, The Beautiful Fight

As we surrender to God and allow the Holy Spirit to manifest himself

through us, we become available to God and give glory to Him.

Our lives become a call to represent Christ wherever we go!

God didn’t design us to be captivated by success in ministry, chastity,

or financial responsibility; He created us to be captivated by Him.
We must never mistake the means for the end.

Availablility to God is all about being in tune with God, ready to be

used by Him, and living for HIm on a moment to moment basis.

By tuning in to God, God tunes us in to people, bringing them our way.

God moves as He wills, Where He wills, When He wills. But it is an act of worship to present ourselves before God , saying, “Here I am. If you

want to do something through me, I’m ready.”
“When every moment becomes pregnant with divine possibility, and when each situation provides opportunity for God to manifest Himself

through us, well, there’s nothing else like it.”
May we be faithful as God chooses to use us.
Blessings to you all, Judy