We are in San Antonio and thankfully arrived safely before the grandkids

had to go to bed. I am unable to get my wireless computer to work here

so I will be using the blog site for daily devotions. If you want to e-mail

me you can do so at Ann’s.

Devotions for 9-29 from Gary Thomas’ book, The Beautiful Fight

“Whenever a man feels kind compasion with love for his fellow
Christian, it Christ within him.” Julian of Norwich

WE are told in Prov. 4:23 to above all else guard our hearts. Andrew

Murrey put it this way: “WE know that whatever a man sets his heart

on exercies a mighty influence on the life, and leaves its stamp upon

his character. HE that follows after vanity becomes vain. He that trusts a god of his own fancy will find his religion an illusion. He that sets his heart

upon the loving God will find the living God take possession and fill

his heart.”  Sin distorts our view of reality and steals our hearts.
We must guard that we don’t become so busy that our hearts become

calloused before HIm.  WE need to continually feed our hearts’

affection and cultivate intimacy with God. A heart for God isn’t just

a heart that is against something like gossip and slander but rather

a heart that loves as God loves. The more we open our hearts to Him

 the more HE pours in His passion and love. We get free of self-

absorption and no longer make selfish demands of others. Having

God’s heart means ther are no “it people” in our lives. God gives us

His concern, compassion, and love for everyone. He will give us

His heart if we just go to Him and receive.

Blessings to you all.!